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I liked the comment some wit posted on the wikipedia page: Mathematical disciplines in descending order of validity -- Higher mathematics Mathematics Recreational mathematics Casual observation Dog poo Numerology. One the other hand, a French friend said tonight at dinner that her daughter had an appointment to see her numerologiste next week. So I guess it's more au courant here. Post a Comment. Friday, April 25, My French Horoscope.

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I'm devoted to the daily news. The hard news, the real stuff. I devour them cover to cover. Not so much that I take the advice as gospel; but the editorial perspective seems to help me understand French culture better, from a female expat point of view. I'm not a daily-horoscope junkie, but from time to time I like to check in and see if the astral powers-that-be have got my life nailed correctly. I'm not sure why, but I've always assumed that horoscopes ought to be slightly different depending on your time zone, so I figured I should check mine in France.

My first prize for French mass-media horoscope reporting goes to Elle Magazine , just because it somehow seems less hokey than others. The on-line version is interactive and as exhaustive as you could want, if your French language skills are up to the task. Yeah, right, I thought. Gimme a break. How could one's name possibly influence one's character? But just for fun, of course, I entered my name. March 13 the sun and Jupiter bond; let the sexual healing begin.

Eclipses bring big life events; the July 12 new moon solar eclipse and falls in your zone love, play and pleasure.

Say yes, even when a family member wants to introduce you to a prospective suiter. The first half of July is lovely for a family vacation. The July 12 eclipse brings tender times for you and your clan; schedule a special vacation. Ce qui craint pour un amoureux, mais certainement pas pour une copine!!!

So funny and true!!! You should look up the Chinese signs, have you already? Idem pour mes copines proches, ma famille, etc.

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You will absolutely love the colours and designs… and people…! Ouais, je suis Poisson. I am sure there is something true about every sign for everybody! I am gemini and love to travel, meet people, very curious and think quickly to take decision and love summer warm weather!

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Je suis Scorpion et mon mari taureau! Well, you got me, but what do we think about this if you will allow me to ask a question here…. An indian master once said: The laws of gravity operated just as well before Newton discovered them. Firey temper and all. But I def do not check on it every day.

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She is a total wack job but spot on. And all the above qualities that you recited apply to me too. Yes, even the attraction to food. Well of course we would be friends!!! Then you end up being one too,I love it! I am a Taurus too, and have somehow mostly Taurus friends. I think you can take horoscope with a grain of salt, we tend to believe in them when they seem true to our personality, and lets be honest the seem to oddly match up most of the times, how does that work?

Polly-Vous Francais?: My French Horoscope

You should check out your chinese sign, you are a Rabbit just like me, and it is the best: You should find out what Scotts sign is! My husband is a Scorpio, should I be reading more into it? Or not Fast forward 10 years, I am curious about it — you have to take it with a grain of salt of course but there is something comforting about it, no? Such a funny post. I belive that people who have the same sign are similar meaning they were born in the same period , and they share some traits, but I do not belive in everyday horoscope.

That is just silliness. Well… if you are a beliver, according to the stars, we do not get along very well, because I am an Aries and you are a Taurus: I have been reading her for ten years and she is terrifyingly accurate. Ok so here is another problem: Scorpiooooon alert right here!! No, not really, but I do believe that somehow they get those personality-things right! LIBRA — as a Libra I do trust the description of my sign both positive as well as disadvantages of being a Libra ;- because there are some but few.

How does one explains that? Zodiac characteristics were used for centuries, they have a certain strong meaning that we may or not buy. I know, such a contradiction. I believe in the description but not in the every day predictions. I am a Scorpio and my husband a Taurus and my and my third kid a little Taurus. And I come to notice that most of my enemies are Scorpio. I love to read horoscope daily basely because I want wild card advice. When it spooky accurate I sometime take their advice.

Things are so crazy G random things that told you what to do sometime work. Go paranormal with me G. I am a Taurus too! Je veux mettre un peu de folie de ma vie moi!!! Mon esprit scientifique a un gros doute quand meme!!!

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So I guess it depends on my mood — but I have to admit when I read that something great is going to happen, I do feel happier! I am also a Taurus…and my beloved boyfriend is also a Scorpio! Strangely enough my only sister is also a Scorpio and man.. I tend to think maybe some of the basic traits of all the signs are probably pretty true, but not so much the daily stuff that they feed you on astrology sites, magazines etc.

It is fun to play along with the types sometimes though…. But the apple store has the widget: Et oui je me retrouve sur bien des choses sur tes magnets et ta description!!! Im a Taurus too: So yes, I believe in horoscopes: When they say Taurus-stubborn, lazy, with tendency to put on weight??? Especially when it makes my day better. I am a Taurus and my husband a Scorpio! Moi je suis Vierge ascendant Vierge. Hey Ms Garance we should hang out sometime; hihi ;.. Hi Garance, Just wanted you to know that my beloved grandparents are the same astrology signs as you and Scott and they are togather more than 55 years!

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This is my first comment in your blog! At least not for predicting my future… I never remember what my future was going to be and this has nothing to do with a joint, haha! And oh…we are obsessed with our feet, hence we love shoes! I like reading the personality part of it…but when it comes to predicting the future, I back off. Sometimes I read horoscope if I need some kind of advice or explanation for everyday happenings…..

My man is Scorpio too: Pas moyen de tricher ni de minauder, right in the target! Alors moi Sagittaire signe de FEU!! I can relate to the T with the description of Virgo my sign , and have super bonded with colleagues on the fact that we are difficult perfectionist Virgos. P your blog so much, Virgo and Taurus are supposed to get along: I am a Taurus too — not that we believe in this stuff… http: Alors moi je suis taureau ascendant scorpion, tu crois que c est bon pour moi?

Je suis un peu comme les Garanscott? I believe in all sorts of things— especially if they bear good news. But this can be way TOO cuckoo to analyse!!!!!!!!!!

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Mais quelle question Garance… je suis scorpion! LOL Et ce pour ca que j aime autant te lire: They are my favorite people in the world! Both signs are grounded and have to have the power. I guess we like to take charge! Merci pour ce dessin Garance! My birthday is May 20th and since I was born at I read both horoscopes and decide which one i prefer!

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All those prettyish magazine horoscope illustrations you were mentioning! They ALL make the Taurus a cow-girl. Ok, now you HAVE to watch this!! Literally every one of my friends has been captured almost to a tee!! Please watch her and report back.