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Moreover, you can also have your kundali just by mentioning all your details including the time of birth on the astrology site. Many famous astrologers are now conducting the astrological tasks online also.

Get your Horoscope in Malayalam based on date of birth at ePanchang. This is a recent release by your favourite astrology portal.

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The basic data such as nakshatram and rasi, the rasi chakram, griha nila and the life time dasa and dasa bhukti details are provided for in your Malayalam horoscope. The major dasas and the minor dasa bhuktis are marked with the start and end dates. These data are helpful in interpreting the future. With the basic horoscope in malayalam based on date of birth , the navamsa chart and the dasa bhukti table would be enough in most cases to indicate the way life will progress for an individual.

Various planets play the roles in shaping up the future of the jathaka.

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All astrology is a set of rules. An elaborate study of tens of years is required to even achieve a minor proficency in astrology. Such is the vastness of the subject. Even so, based on the rules of astrology and the placement of the planets in the rasi chakram and the navamsa chakram may be interpreted with much accuracy. In your Horoscope in Malayalam, the rasi chakram consists of 12 different boxes that represent the 12 houses or the rasis. Each of the nine planets are placed in one or more of these rasis and based on their position, the Horoscope in Malayalam based on date of birth is interpreted.

Each of these houses indicate a certain perspective of an individual's life. These may be understood with our accurate Horoscope in Malayalam. But it is very important that the planets are placed properly in their houses according to their celestial positions. If they are placed even one level this way or that way, the whole chart may become incorrect and thus be of no use for understanding, interpretation and prophesy.

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You may well know that the first house represents the self, the second house represents wealth, the seventh house refers to marriage and relationships, the tenth house pertains to the profession and so on in your horoscope in malayalam based on date of birth. So, when one looks at the horoscope, one gets an idea about that aspect of life which the house refers to. A correct representation of the rasi chart is essential for the astrologer to say the right things about the chart owner. The ePanchang rasi navamsa and dasa charts with dasa bhukti representation is the one computer software horoscope in Malayalam which you can rely on.

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