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You can carry this awareness to the people around you, whether you know them or not, and sense their energy as well. Today by consciously observing the fullness of life around you, you connect to its constant flow of energy which enlivens you. Sometimes we get so involved in our thoughts that the world goes by us unseen and unheard. We may not pay any attention to the rhythm of life around us until the sun catches us, suddenly blinding us, or the breeze scatters our papers and blows our hair in our faces.

We can take this as the universe bringing us back to the present and the reality of life. Today your observance reminds you that you are part of a wide world and not alone, but connected. Achieving an ideal weight shouldn't be about diets and deprivation, but about an inner knowing of what to eat and when, and letting go of anything that holds you back from being able to do that. Even if you consider yourself a health conscious, spiritual person, you may still be struggling with emotional eating and constant food cravings. There are many unconscious dietary, lifestyle and emotional causes for weight gain, ranging from food habits to emotional stress, negative beliefs, trauma, and patterns picked up from childhood and throughout our lives that inform our behaviors.

When we heal the underlying unconscious causes to the issue, we free ourselves from the struggle with weight and our health. Home : Horoscopes : Leo : April 5, Reverent Respect Leo Horoscope April 5, Respect may be what you feel today as you find yourself honoring the ideologies and beliefs of other cultures.

Though you many not choose to observe them in the same way that true followers might, a sincere sense of reverence is all that matters. Behind any ideology or belief lies the same universal force and energy, and it responds to whatever energy we give.

As with anything we do in life with sincerity and conviction, the universe responds by supporting our energy with like energy. If our thoughts or intentions are confused or unclear, the universe can only respond vaguely.

We may want to think of the beliefs of other cultures like language. Though we may speak different languages, understanding is possible because we speak about the same things. We are all part of one big human family, going through similar experiences as we journey through the material world in the changing vessel of our physical bodies. Just like with language, cultural viewpoints, ideologies, beliefs, mythologies and symbols are all different ways of understanding life and the power behind it.

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