Astrological benefits of wearing red coral

Tuesday is the most felicitous day for worshipping Mars, that's why the ring has to be worn on Tuesday morning. After wearing, this gemstone will show its effect within 9 days and will remain active till 3 years. After 3 years, the gem will become inactive and needs to be changed.

For best results, select the range of red corals from Japanese or Italian coral. Be careful while choosing the coral because cheap gemstone can have negative results. Disclaimer: we advise all our readers, to consult a learned astrologer before going for any gemstone. Red Coral is worn by people who have planet Mars in amiable houses in their respective birth chart. Aries and Scorpios can wear this gem in the ring finger of their right hand. Planet Mars is not only restricted to these 2 zodiac signs. People under other zodiac signs can also wear it. This gemstone can be worn by people who are facing distress in their lives.

But be cautious while wearing this stone, as it can have a adverse impacts in your life. So, first consult an astrologer and then think about wearing the red coral stone Moonga Stone. Because, if Mars is placed in an unfriendly house, then it will maliciously affect your life.

Red Coral Moonga Stone

People belonging to Aries, Cancer and Pisces zodiacs can wear this gemstone as planet Mars is in your friendly house. Aquarians and Scorpions can also wear this, but only under specific conditions. People belonging to Sagittarius zodiac sign can also wear this, but if someone is suffering from high blood pressure, then it's advised that they stay away from coral.

In a dark environment, with low sedimentation, Red Corals grow on a rocky sea bottom. These gems are grown either in abyss or grotto. The hardness measured on Mohs scale is 3. The specific gravity of red coral is 2. The exclusive characteristic of red coral is acutely coloured red and its durability, extensively used in preparation of jewellery. The basic composition of branches of coral reef is of calcium carbonate.

Red Coral Stone or Moonga Stone Benefits as per Astrology

The red coral is found in Sri Lanka: the gemstone of Sri Lanka has excellent glimmer and looks very attractive. These corals are highly demanded due to to its dazzling colour and prices. Precious coral is also found in the other parts of the world like India, Brazil, America, etc. The Red coral must be engraved into gold or copper metal to achieve best results. The weight of the ring should not be less than 6 carats.

Now, the wearing process of Red coral must be followed in sequence:. Clean the ring on regular basis in order to attain best astrological results.

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The stone has to be cleaned with soft hand, due to its delicate nature. Red Coral has an alluring appearance with good durability. It is a gift to humankind from the sea. This gemstone has an even texture and no blemishes are there on the surface. In order to identify a real red coral, following test can be followed:. Differentiating between a real red coral and its imitation is a knotty task.

In order to spread awareness among people, here are some of the tests which are helpful in differentiating between the original and fake one. Want to buy a gemstone? Worried about its authenticity? Here are the answers to all your questions. The certification vouches that no imitation is being delivered to you, and there is no compromisation with the quality of the ordered gemstone.

In order to check its authenticity, you can get it checked wherever you wish to, you'll not be disappointed by the result. The gemstones offered by us are not synthesized into laboratory, these are acquired through natural means. To provide you with variety of shapes and sizes, these gemstones are processed in well equipped labs.

These gemstones are available for our customers at cost effective rates. Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Some of them are listed here: This gemstone is known for emitting cosmic colour yellow which is helpful in protecting from diseases related to blood, bone marrow, head and lymph nodes. If you're on the superstitious side, this believed quality of red coral may be legitimately interesting to you.

Perhaps it is the courage and power associated with the red coral gemstones, but either way, they are said to ward off black magic, bewitching, or other malicious influences Indian astrologers sometimes refer to as "evil eye" or buri Nazar. Some even say that because red coral is made from a living organism from the ocean, the stone helps promote peace and protect the wearer from more general negative influences.

Next time you have a family get together with nerve-grinding in-laws, perhaps wearing your red coral could ward off some of the gloom. Are you short-tempered, impatient, or easily offended? Well, if your horoscope shows that you are in an adverse position with Mars, again, the god associated with red coral , these negative traits may worsen. Never fear! The wearing of red coral during these times is supposed to help temper such negative feelings and behaviors. Whether the red coral stones themselves really provide such power or their beautiful hues simply imbue the wearer with a greater sense of zen, either way, wearing these stunning stones can only do a person good.

You read that right. Many astrologists attest that those who wear red coral jewelry are more easily able to get out of debt. Perhaps it is because red coral is also associated with business or career success, but these jewels are said to be more than good luck when it comes to financial blessings. Regardless of your current horoscope, or if you believe in the effects of certain gems on their wearer or not, red coral jewelry is a timeless addition to any classy wardrobe.

Unlike other colorful gems, red coral is easy to match with a variety of outfits. It is also easy to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion you feel to sport it. With unique and timeless jewelry collections from around the world and over 1 million pieces sold , Roma Designer Jewelry has been "the best kept secret in the jewelry industry" for over a decade Look for: adjustable chains, silver, cross. Your Shopping Cart Hurry! Before They Sell Out! Coral Red Coral. What are the Benefits of Wearing Red Coral? Red coral is thought to be a symbol of energy and ambition.

But what are the other benefits of wearing this illustrious stone? Click here to find out. But what else does wearing red coral do for the woman who wears it? So, if you're looking to give off a Wonder Woman kind of air, red coral is a perfect option.

How Red coral effects all Zodiac Signs in Vedic astrology

Overcome Obstacles With all that increased confidence, it's only natural that your ability to overcome obstacles or challenges will be enhanced also. Wear red coral. Your presentation may just be more likely to come off successfully Improve Mental and Physical Health Among it's many believed positive effects, red coral is said to have healing qualities.

Lick Lethargy Are you one that tends to procrastinate? It can help catalyze needed action on the part of the wearer. Better Relationships Indian astrologists say the red coral represents the "Mangalya Balam. Protects Against "Black Magic" If you're on the superstitious side, this believed quality of red coral may be legitimately interesting to you. Overcome Character Flaws Are you short-tempered, impatient, or easily offended?