Virgo horoscope about marriage

Singles find love at the job, with co-workers, bosses or employees much depends on your status at the job. People involved in your career or who can help your career seem most alluring these days. Health professionals also look alluring.

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Neptune is in charge of your love life from the 6th House. This shows your needs in love and attitudes about it.

This position reinforces your normal nature. Love is about service — practical service — to your beloved.

Virgo – Compatibility in Love and Marriage

This is the highest ideal of love. Romantic niceties such as flowers, candle-lit dinners, nightclubs, etc. Neptune has been in the free-flowing Sign of Aquarius for some years now. This shows more freedom and more experimentation in love. You are more willing to get involved in unconventional relationships — with unconventional people — than in the past.

You are absolutely in a phase where you can create a solid personal foundation in your own heart space. Once this happens, you'll be ready to invite love in from another person.

Virgo Marriage Horoscope 12222: Be Gentle, Loving And Calm With Your Partner

This can happen during the Solar Eclipse on January 5 for some, but for most single Virgos it will happen closer to the end of the year at the December 26 Solar Eclipse. Both of these will land in your romance sector, but the first one seems to be more about the building and excavation process while the last one is filled with blessings. By December 2, Jupiter will move into your romance sector and will align perfectly to that December 26 eclipse. You might truly hit the jackpot in love by December!

If you're in a relationship, then you and your mate have a different storyline in This causes others to misjudge Virgos as cold, whereas they only believe in rationality.

Virgo Yearly Marriage Horoscope Predictions - Ask My Oracle

But they do have a tender heart. Aries and Virgo could possibly have a lasting relationship if they find ways to complement each other.

Aries could teach Virgo to be less rigid and more outgoing, while a Virgo has a lot to offer when it comes to being analytical and systematic — something an Aries lacks. The love between a Taurus and a Virgo can be a match made in heaven, with one bringing in an open and clear heart, and the other the clear mind.

Nonetheless, to achieve this wonderful love, they need to work on building their trust and respecting their differences. Although Virgo and Gemini can be similar, it is often these differences that draw a wedge between the partners. They both can over think things instead of allowing emotions to guide them.

Virgo Woman with other Zodiac Signs

They are both often secluded in their own minds, and they need to find a way to respect and understand that. A Virgo and a Cancer are often instantaneously drawn to each other, mostly based on their sexual compatibility. The point where they could drift apart is the big difference between an extremely emotional Cancer and an extremely reasonable Virgo.

However, this is a match with huge potentials. Virgo and Virgo can be attracted to each other in one of the two opposite ways. The first is their mutual judgment that their love is a healthy and rational thing to do. The other is inexplicable love at first sight. In both cases, they need to learn to put their emotions high on the list of values, and it will be a great marriage.

They rarely feel a passion and strong emotions for each other, but they could be good partners in life and work.