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There are mainly good qualities expressed in the 3 rd and 6 th houses, and then when Dhooma tenants the highest, most visible portions of the chart, in houses 9, 10 and Other Names for Vyatipata : Pata. The First House : Troubled by miseries, cruel, destructive, foolish and ill-disposed to his relatives. The Second House : Morally crooked, bilious, enjoying pleasures, unkind, ungrateful, wicked and sinful.

Third House : Firm in disposition, a warrior, liberal, rich, dear to a king and head of an army. Fifth House : Poor yet charming in appearance, imbalances of phlegm, bile and wind, hard hearted and shameless. Sixth House : Destroyer of his enemies, physically mighty and skilled in all kinds of weapons and in arts, and be peaceful in disposition.

Seventh House : Bereft of wealth, wife and progeny, subduer of females, miserable, sensuous, shameless, and friendly to others. Eighth House : deformed eyes, ugly, unfortunate, spiteful to Brahmins and troubled by disorders of blood. Ninth House : Many kinds of businesses and friends, very learned, well-disposed to his wife and eloquent. Tenth House : rich, religious, peaceful, skillful in religious acts, very learned and far sighted. Eleventh House : Extremely opulent, honorable, truthful, firm in policy, and endowed with many horses and having an interest in singing.

Twelfth House : Given to anger, associated with many activities, disabled, not religious and hateful towards relatives.

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There are mainly good qualities expressed in the 3 rd and 6 th houses, and then when Vyatipata tenants the highest, most visible portions of the chart, in houses 9, 10 and Other Names of Parivesha : Paridhi. Meaning of Parivesha : Fence, enclosure or circumference. Binding point of a sacrifice. Halo around the Sun or Moon. A crown.

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The First House : Learned, truthful, peaceful, rich, endowed with sons, pure, charitable and dear to elders. The Second House : Wealthy, charming, enjoyer of pleasures, happy, religious and a lord. Third House : Fond of his wife, charming, pious, well disposed to his men, be a servant and respectful to elders. Fourth House : Wonderstruck, helpful to enemies as well, kind, endowed with everything and skillful in singing. Fifth House : Affluent, virtuous, splendorous, affectionate, religious and dear to his wife.

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Sixth House : Famous, wealthy, endowed with sons and pleasures, helpful to all and will conquer his enemies. Seventh House : Limited number of children, devoid of happiness, be of mediocre intelligence, very hard-hearted, sickly wife. Eighth House : Spiritually disposed, peaceful, strong bodied, firm in decision, religious and gentle. Ninth House : Having progeny, happy, brilliant, affluent, devoid of excessive passion, honorable and happy with very little.

Tenth House : Versed in the arts, enjoy pleasures, strong bodied, learned in all shastras. Eleventh House : Enjoy pleasures through women, virtuous, intelligent, dear to his people and suffer disorders of digestive fire. Notice how all placements of Parivesha are have positive connotations except the 7 th and 12 th houses.

How to calculate upagrahas in vedic astrology

The First House : Wealth, grains, gold, grateful, agreeable and devoid of all afflictions. The Second House : Affable speaker, very rich, modest, learned, charming and religious. Third House : A miser, versed in many arts, indulge in thieving, devoid of some limb and unfriendly.

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Fourth House : Happy, endowed with quadrupeds, wealth and grains. Honored by the king and devoid of sickness. Fifth House : Splendorous, far-sighted, pious, affable, acquiring property in all undertakings. Sixth House : Destroyer of enemies, happy, affectionate, pure and will achieve plenty in all undertakings. Seventh House : Wealth, full of all virtues, learned in shastras, religious, and agreeable. Ninth House : Performing penance, take religious observations, highly learned, famous.

Tenth House : Endowed with progeny, abundant wealth, cows, buffaloes, etc.

Shadow Planet – Gulika – Fourth Dimensional Astrology

Eleventh House : Gainful, healthy, fiery, affectionate to his wife, and knowledge of mantras, weapons and missiles. There is yet another opinion that it will be on Yama Madhya. This can be clearly varified through practical experience…. There are 5 aprakasha grahas without light which have emerged as a reaction of Surya and Bha Chakra. As a reaction to Vyatipata, Surya again created Parivesha. Vishnu again created Indradhanu to which Surya reacted by creating Upaketu. Such creation indicates the course of action and reaction. If you look at the process of creation of Upagrahas, Dhuma was created by the Surya Surya longitude plus degrees 20 minutes.

Therefore, these upagrahas indicate dark spots on the Sun. There are clear explanations why Parashara came to these numbers in giving caluclations of Upagrahas. I am leaving you here to think and try to ponder why…. I will later on explain the link of aprakasha Grahas with grahas. For example, Dhuma is a violent son of Mangala. Mangala has two sons, Mrityu who indicates physical suffering and death, while Dhuma indicates violence we can give to others, since Dhuma indicates the point with the highest heat, the point where your head simply burns.

So, position of Dhuma indicates the placement of the highest heat and violence. Vyatipata creates chaous and turmoil, and is akin to Rahu. Parivesha causes dirth and pollution as well as destruction of surrounding factors and is akin to very negative Moon. Indradhanu or Indrachapa is Kodanda of Rama and can create terrible destruction and piercing, and is akin to the anger of Parashurama negative Venus.

Upaketu is akin to negative Ketu and can create considerable destruction.

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