Weekly horoscope for october 28 2019

A job you do over the weekend to help out a relative could grow into a successful business with a strong and rewarding role for you to play. Work-wise you must choose between a job with people who feel like friends and a tougher job in a very competitive atmosphere.

October 28 Birthday Horoscope

When you meet someone for the first time, you both feel you already know each other, so you may have found your destiny partner. As your confidence grows, you revise plans for the future to make the relationship more exciting. Mercury sharpens your mind and your reaction times, so you can be the star performer in game shows as well as on the sports field.

When it comes to love, the surprise arrival of someone you had a secret crush on almost a year ago, turns into real and mutual love. The chance to spend time with a group of entertainers or a sports team you rate inspires you to work on your own talents. Love is full of surprises as someone who usually sees love as a game now wants the security of real love — and you could be the reason.

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Venus and Mars join forces and their shared mission is to identify your soulmate — and it is someone you already know. Researching the family tree, you find connections to famous names and perhaps unclaimed legacies. Sign in. All Football. Mystic Meg. ARIES March 21 to April 20 Realising that love is the real deal inspires you to plan events that will drive the relationship forward, possibly to naming a wedding date.

Still looking? Dancing on Ice makes TV history by lining up its first same-sex dance couple. Few things frustrate you more than facing pointless delays. Over the past week or so, the Sun has confronted both the stern Saturn and your own ruling planet, Pluto. Initially, setbacks over the past couple of months seemed nothing more than a nuisance. Having to make last minute changes in certain pivotal plans was bad enough. But, mostly, this meant rethinking things, which demand both time and further investigation.

Annoying as it was then, the facts that came to light and the insights you gained have more than made up for the effort required. However, judging by the tricky planetary activity involving the Sun, your ruler Uranus and several of the other planets between now and mid-August, things are unlikely to be much calmer. Not only is that unlikely, the individuals in question are probably revealing those feelings because they trust you.

But when you refuse an offer of help from others, and especially if you do it abruptly, you upset them if not hurt their feelings. Still do it. Ask how others felt. Then listen.

Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

Instead, discuss this with those involved. Not only will their easygoing attitude about plans astonish you, the resulting discussions could achieve wonders. A lively exchange of ideas can be hugely enjoyable. At the moment, however, even a simple difference of opinion could lead to misunderstandings, and possibly, hurt feelings. The trick is to, first, to focus on gathering information.

Weekly Horoscope for September 30 - 6 October 2019 - Gregory Scott Astrology

Recently, pressing matters forced you to cut short discussions about your ideas, activities or plans. However, the situations in question have moved on. As a result, you owe it to yourself and others to update the information they were given, and soon, or face serious confusion, if not upset. The line between a frank discussion and an uncomfortable confrontation is never clear, especially, with so much in transition.

The trick is to say what truly needs to be said, once and clearly, then firmly change the subject.

Welcome to Libra season, dear Taurus!

They happen. In early , various promising ideas or offers appeared, some not unexpected but a few as surprising as they were exciting. Since then, however, many have come undone. This was both worrying and annoying. Now, however, a new round of similarly promising developments makes it clear the first were merely a trial run. Every once in a while, you encounter somebody special. They may not fully understand your intentions or what you have in mind. Consequently, the idea of a quiet exchange of ideas is appealing. The problem is, because those around you have also been confronted with these persistent issues, they, too, are uptight.

Ironically, this means decisions are likely to be made more swiftly.

Leo weekly horoscope - 7 Oct 12222, Monday - 13 Oct 12222, Sunday

Over recent weeks, certain individuals have been uptight. Only now are you discovering it had nothing to do with you but, rather, was the result of their own unwise decisions. Everybody gets busy, with life, with loved ones, friends and family and with the world around you. In every case, you have a rare opportunity to return to those, or similar, matters and follow your dream or put other passions first.

And you can begin today. By no means are you shy. As a water sign, and being ruled by the Moon, you experience your own ups and downs. At the moment timing is everything. Once Mercury ends its retrograde cycle, on 1 August, many issues will simply resolve themselves. Obviously, life would be easier if you could make decisions about certain increasingly pressing matters or future plans. But every time you try to, things come undone. Actually, this is best, because with the actual circumstances on which these are based shifting, and often, any plans should be regarded as tentative.

Even those Capricorns who do things as the last minute, and there are many, will always have thought through the situation and potential plans. Knowing that, discuss your ideas right away. The fact is, most have to do with the rapid pace of change influencing everybody. However, because Mercury accents communication, which is vital to decision-making, things are bound to be unusually complicated.

In the case of the latter, listen, but carefully avoid giving them advice. Waste no time worrying about how to begin. Stick to the facts and you need only remember what you said. There is no wrong way to disagree with anybody, although certain rather tricky individuals would disagree. Show interest, then politely but firmly change the subject.

Leo weekly horoscope - 7 Oct , Monday - 13 Oct , Sunday

The less said, the better. They might. If so, you can politely but firmly tell them to back off. When your ruler Mercury went retrograde on 7 July, it was positioned in the most strategic angle of your chart, which meant issues were complex and required a discreet approach. While, at the time, you had little choice now the mood is calmer, enough you can adopt a more relaxed attitude. And those who were in such distress? Between now and the New Moon on 1 August, the planetary activity accents a fresh take on certain elements of your life.

This means asking lots of questions. Some will be no surprise but others will mean venturing into unknown territory. Only days ago, you not only managed to get certain reluctant individuals to agree to a joint arrangement, things are moving ahead. Still, be aware that powerful aspects to the unpredictable Uranus, now and in August, indicate sudden changes. Worrying as these seem, each is introducing a timely if unexpected improvement.

After months of unexpected twists and turns and, equally, your own discoveries about the need to rethink things, what began as simple plans months ago are very different. But so is your perspective on what you want to accomplish. Often, this is a virtue. At the moment, however, it could lead to very real difficulties.

Steer clear of this. Every once in a while, life decides to bring a period of both celebration and, at the same time, an opportunity to turn past struggles or even serious obstacles to your advantage.

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  4. This is just such a moment. Still, you feel giving up would be a compromise. On the contrary, it would be wise.

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    Long ago you realised that, no matter what you do or say, one particular individual will find something to comment on if not criticise. When you first offered to lend somebody a hand, your intentions were good and, equally, the individual in question agreed. However, you were distracted, they were and time passed. Yet you never changed that plan. Discuss it now, and frankly.

    Few things are more frustrating for an energetic fire sign than being forced by circumstances or the timing of others to delay taking action on exciting plans. At the moment, it probably seems unfair. Agreeing to disagree is a wonderful way of dealing with persistent issues. It seems like a compromise. Instead of worrying about it, temporarily distance yourself from it all.

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